We have found a Slush Machine

Are you looking for a product with high profit?

Get a Slush machine in your shop. A cup of Slush drink with the cup and straw only cost about £0.15p and we sell for £1.50! That means every sale we make £1.35 from every slush drink sale from our slush machine that we purchased from us 4 Slush limited.

So where do you start?

Well we searched the internet and found a few companies that sold Slush Machines but the one that caught our eye was a company called us 4 Slush limited near Poole in Dorset.

The Price was good!

Our Slush machine was supplied with enough free stock to more than pay for the initial outlay. In fact, we made a sizable profit before we had to buy any more stock. We had 16 bottles of slush syrup, 2000 branded cups and 2000 straws plus some fantastic point of sale that helped us sell our slush drinks.

Is a Slush machine easy to use?

You bet it is. The best thing is on the Us 4 Slush web site there is a great film about how to set up your new slush machine. It was so easy after watching the film that we had our slush machine up and running in less than an hour.

How do you clean a slush machine?

OH, that’s easy too especially is you watch the film on the web site of Us 4 Slush Limited. Its an easy to follow film giving detail on how to dismantle all the parts that need cleaning. Cleaning a slush machine is so easy our 13-year-old daughter does it most of the time for pocket money.

How often do you clean a slush machine?

Following the instructions on the Us 4 Slush web site it is recommended that the slush machine is cleaned once a week so we do ours every Friday.

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