Steve Price

Why was a man in court for punching Steve Price.

Who is Steve Price from Kinson Bournemouth? Full name STEPHEN MARK PRICE.
Lives in Kinson Bournemouth last known job was as a bus or coach driver driving a coach between Bournemouth and London Victoria station. Date of birth unknown but age is believed to be 55 plus.
On 29th January 2019 a man appeared in Bournemouth Magistrates court on a charge of assault by beating but why would someone want to beat Stephen Price?
According to the defence solicitor its because Steve Price tried to groom the 12-year child of the assailant in 2013, some 6 years previously. According to the defence solicitor the story is as follows.

In 2013 the assailant and Steve Price were both regular drinkers in a now closed pub called The Royal Oak, Kinson, Bournemouth. The young girl in question is the daughter of the assailant herby known as David and Alison.  

Alison has learning difficulties and at the time although she was 12 years old, she had the mental capacity of a girl of about 7 years old. However, she has always been a very bubbly and very friendly girl and was well known by everybody that drank in The Royal Oak Pub. Despite being an overweight, unhygienic man Alison made a friend of Steve Price of Kinson Bournemouth.
Lots of the regular drinkers were aware of this but at the time it all seemed quite innocent.

One day David noticed a lot of activity taking place on Alison’s mobile phone. On looking at the phone he found a large amount of text messages between Steve Price and Alison. These messages were innocent to start with, for example, how was school today? Or are you coming to the pub with your Dad tonight etc. However, David was concerned that it was not healthy so deleted all the messages and the phone number from Alison’s phone.
He also spoke to Stephen Price, he entered The Royal Oak Pub and approached Steve Price, very quietly and discreetly told him that his phone number had been deleted from the young girl’s phone.
Steve Price was reminded that the girl was only 12 years old and advised that it was a dangerous thing to be doing as it could be interpreted differently. Steve Price agreed with a nervous chuckle and nothing more was said about it.

A week or two later David was driving with his then wife and Alison in the back of the car. Again, it was noticed a lot of text activity was taking place on Alison’s phone.
Again, it was Steve Price. David could not understand how this had happened because he had deleted the phone number from Alison’s phone! On Asking Alison how she had the phone number of Steve Price on her phone she replied, “He slipped me a piece of paper with his number on and told me not to tell my Dad”.

Again, the text messages started off innocent, only this time they progressed into something much more inappropriate. As they progressed there were comments about how he (Steve Price) had noticed how Alison was growing and how he found her attractive. In one text he asked her if she had ever had sex. (She was 12 years old!)
This time David went straight to the Police station in Bournemouth to report Steve Price for child grooming.

The next day Steve Price of Kinson, Bournemouth, was arrested on suspicion of grooming a child.
Unfortunately, and according to one of the investigating officers, the allegation was made too soon.
The text messages, although inappropriate, were not enough to charge Steve Price for the offence so Stephen Mark Price was released from his bail without charge.

David never saw Steve Price again until late 2018 When the ex-landlord of the Royal Oak took over the tenancy of a Public House called The Gulliver’s , in Kinson Bournemouth. (Now called The Acorn)

Seeing Steve Price in this Pub made David’s blood boil remembering that Steve Price tried to groom his daughter. Every time David saw Steve Price, he called him a paedophile and an argument would ensue. This resulted in David punching Steve Price outside the Acorn pub and being charged with assault.
All of the above is considered true based on accounts given by David, His (now) Ex-wife, Alison and the notes read out in Bournemouth Magistrates court on 29 January 2019.