What is a Home page

The term home or home page is used in web development to refer to the the main page of a web site. It is often used in the navigation menus and other user interface elements of the website to direct users to the main page. By default, a WordPress website shows a home page with your latest posts listed in reverse chronological order.

Users can, however, choose to use a static page as their custom home page. This can make the website feel less like a blog and more like a fully featured website. Many users will choose to do this if they want to have their blog restricted to one section of the website.

There are several ways to modify your homepage or create a static front page. The first way is to either create a front-page.php file or a home.php file. Normally WordPress will serve your index.php file on the homepage. Before serving your index.php file WordPress will check to see if you have a front-page.php file. If you do, then it will serve this one instead. If you don’t have a front-page.php file, then WordPress will check to see if you have a home.php file before reverting to index.php.

The second way to modify your home page is to create a regular WordPress page in your admin panel. From Settings » Reading, you can select the name of the page you just created to be your homepage. You can also choose another page contain your blog posts.

Other terms used to refer to the home page are front page, main page, and main index page.

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan of the Abu Dhabi ruling family has spent more than £1.3bn directly investing into Manchester City since he took over in 2008, the club’s latest accounts have stated.

That fortune has been in addition to the £150m Mansour is understood to have paid City’s then owner, Thaksin Shinawatra, to buy the club, taking the total spent by Mansour to more than £1.45bn. During the year to 30 June, in which the club registered a record £500.5m turnover and a profit of £10m as Pep Guardiola’s team swept to the Premier League title, Mansour nevertheless invested a further £58m in return for new shares.

Roman Abramovich is the only English club owner whose expenditure comes close to that of Mansour’s; Chelsea’s accounts for 2016-17 put Abramovich’s total investment since 2003 at £1.17bn in loans. That level of billion-pound-plus investment by Mansour and Abramovich is by far more than any other owner has ever spent on an English club.

In a statement setting out the main elements of City’s 10-year transformation under the Abu Dhabi ownership – including Guardiola and his team, six clubs around the world, an extensive youth development system and investment in east Manchester – the chairman, Khaldoon al-Mubarak, highlighted the club’s financial stability.

From announcing football’s record loss in 2010-11, £197m, when Mansour’s money was being spent buying players and paying wages which the club’s revenues could not then sustain, the profit for the financial year was the fourth in a row. A rise in City’s commercial income accounted for most of the £27m increase in turnover, as City have extended their sponsorship arrangements beyond Etihad and the other Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates sponsors which were the basis of their commercial operations in the first years of Mansour’s ownership.

Reflecting that making a profit four years in a row “may well have been rejected as fanciful by some commentators” years ago, Mubarak said: “We have not diverted in any way from our strategy for on-field success within a commercially and financially sustainable organisation.”

The annual report does, however, state: “Manchester City football club is reliant on its ultimate parent undertaking, Abu Dhabi United Group Investment and Development Ltd, for its continued financial support.” As evidence of Mansour’s support, the report states that it has amounted to “more than £1.3bn over the last 10 years”.

We have found a Slush Machine

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Is a Slush machine easy to use?

You bet it is. The best thing is on the Us 4 Slush web site there is a great film about how to set up your new slush machine. It was so easy after watching the film that we had our slush machine up and running in less than an hour.

How do you clean a slush machine?

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How often do you clean a slush machine?

Following the instructions on the Us 4 Slush web site it is recommended that the slush machine is cleaned once a week so we do ours every Friday.